Innovative startups are helping corporates combat security risks posed by smart phones and tablets.

The technology is being used to manufacture everything from orthodontic devices to cars and rocket engines.

Robots are increasingly working next to humans, raising efficiency in warehouses, factories and labs.

The Panda is a collaborative robotic arm designed by Munich-based Franka Emika to perform repetitive tasks that it can be taught by pushing a few buttons on its arm.

The technology is adding transparency and efficiency to a system that still runs on phone calls and handshakes.

The country is expected to have tremendous global influence over the design, operating rules, and sales of driverless vehicles.

Wide-scale deployment of commercial drones is being constrained by outdated aviation rules. A new effort led by the World Economic Forum aims to help regulators take an innovative approach to managing aerial traffic.

Chris O'Brien

Business and Technology Reporter living in Toulouse, France. Silicon Valley refugee.

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